Anthony Verez

I'm a new MSc graduate from Telecom SudParis in France. My main professional interests are security, web development and system administration. I've interned in information security at Airbus and Mozilla. I'm currently in the Silicon Valley completing another interning at Mozilla until August 2014.


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I'm looking for a full-time job starting september 2014.

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You can contact me at contact {@} anthony-verez {.} fr and you may want to use my gpg key.

Papers and presentations

2014 On the Use of Data Mining Techniques for the Clustering of URLs Extracted from Network-based Malware Traces Telecom SudParis Paper (EN)
Slides (FR)
2013 Automation for network security: BanHammer-ng and Brozilla Mozilla Video (EN)
Slides (EN)
2013 Security Model of Firefox OS Telecom SudParis Paper (EN)
Slides (EN)
2013 Déploiement IPv6 en pratique dans un SI à base de Linux et Cisco MiNET Paper (FR)
2011 HoneySSH: un serveur SSH honeypot Telecom SudParis Paper (FR) Slides (FR)

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